About Joe


Joe is an expert on the CJP...

Joe is the founder of Court Reform LLC, which helped catalyze the first audit of the Commission on Judicial Performance in California history. Joe may have more extensive knowledge of the CJP's rules, operating procedures, discipline statistics, and the best practices of the oversight agencies of other states than any other member of the public. Some of Joe's work has been published by the San Francisco Chronicle, Mercury News, Center for Investigative Reporting, Daily Journal, San Diego Union Tribune, East Bay Times, Sacramento News & Review, Northern California Record, and the San Diego Free Press. Some of the articles can be viewed here. Joe has pushed for increased transparency and accountability of the CJP and he now hopes to promote reform from within the agency.

...with a background in science, education, and technology.

Joe holds a Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry and Mathematics, and a Master's degree in Chemistry from UC Berkeley. He also owns an education company and a technology startup. His background makes him an ideal appointment to the CJP because he hopes to increase public outreach, implement technologies that increase public access, and publish data & statistics that will help the public address problems in the courts.